It is 2014…

…and here I am, trying to muster up even the tiniest bit of enthusiasm over the latest After Effects version that soon will hit a Creative Cloud near you. Yepp, it’s once more one of those…. As I wrote a few days ago it’s full of those things that would have gotten people excited 10 years ago, but these days it just feels kinda “So what?”. So what’s the damage?

First, of course, and Adobe are selling this as the big thing, is direct access to text in After Effects projects from Premiere Pro and at the same time being able to share mask data between the programs. The irony here is that the “After Effects is the best title generator for Premiere.” joke is now more true than ever.

The next feature is the per-effect masking. While I’m not denying that this will be useful in avoiding tons of pre-comps just to isolate areas to be processed with different effects, it feels like they added it as a “shut up” feature to please and appease certain crowds that generally don’t bother that much with structuring their work too much and want to do everything with one layer and a mask. Typical “editor porn”, so to speak, which kinda fits the theme.

The spill suppressor and key cleanup effects also somehow fall into that category, but the good thing is that between Rotobrush and all those auxiliaries the basic matte generating tool set is pretty complete and perhaps now they can finally find the time to actually get to work on truly trackable masks and a new paint system to go with it.

Anything else? Yeah, they also once more worked on the EXR loaders and finally the performance reaches a level of being bearably usable, but I feel there is still plenty of room left performance-wise.


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  1. I was quite please by the overhaul of the Curves effect, it was much much needed but one thing got me mad was that they “upgrade” the option to save for backwards compatibility to CC 12 and since I make templates for Videohive this will be troublesome.

    • Yeah, that will inevitably cause some concern, but well, then again there was a time where one couldn’t even save one version back. Totally forgot to mention the Curves thing, but then again I so rarely use it and it’s not particularly relevant to me.

  2. Can you still save back to CS6?

    • No, only to earlier versions of CC as far as I know.

      • So you can have multiple versions of CC on the same machine? I wasn’t aware of that.

      • No idea how it’s going to work. I haven’t updated my Creative Cloud in months and probably won’t just for this, either.

      • Great, thanks for the info. :)

        I believe you have 12 months before you ‘have’ to upgrade your CC? I have so far stayed away from CC, mainly for the ‘got you by the balls’ rental model, but also because i didn’t understand how you could keep different versions of AE CC on the machine. Like many, I still have CS3-CS6 on the main workstation for compatibility, legacy, missing features, etc.

        I thought CC would continue to backsave to CS6 for at least a few more years, this is prettty worrying.

      • I’m not allowed to spill the full details just yet, but stay tuned for pertinent announcements from Adobe some time soon-ish. Yes, eventually you won’t be able to escape the claws of Creative Cloud and it blows, but well…

      • Interesting….

        Thanks again for the update. I’ll be looking out for the news!

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