Going Places

Job interviews are funny in that they can take you to places you didn’t even know existed even in your own town. Sometimes companies have their headquarters in areas you wouldn’t ever bother to visit otherwise like in the middle of nowhere or some shiny new building surrounded by desolate buildings that look like WWII just ended. My trip to Hamburg yesterday was kinda a mix of the two – the facilities were in some semi-industrial area in some pretty ugly part of the town.

Generally the bits of the city I got to see looked a bit run down and felt dirty. Not some places where you necessarily will want to live, but I guess given the crazy situation there with exploding rents and affordable accommodations being in short supply many people are glad to find something at all even if  it means some shadowy back yard near a noisy main street. The foggy and hazy weather made it look even more depressing and ugly.

The people there, that is the original Hamburg-ians that have lived there all their live, are quite warm and funny, but most others that have immigrated there are not so welcoming. Everybody goes about their own business and it’s hectic, which confuses the hell out of me, being a boy from the country. But I guess one would get used to all this craziness after a while.

Anyway, it had been a long day with almost 24 hours up after I already only had about 3 hours of sleep before because I was so anxious and adjutated. Now I’m probably gonna need the next two days to recover…

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