Harry strikes back!

At long last our very Harry J. F. has replied, so let me once more take the time to have a look at Universe.

Much of your criticism is speculation. If you are right, then you can place a big fat “I TOLD YOU SO” banner on your site. But, we aren’t there yet. So, I can’t really comment. I don’t see us running out of steam, ideas or falling short on our commitment to update Universe frequently.

Care to invite me into your private Beta? Can’t quite well complain about me speculating and not give me the good stuff. You know, just being miffed about me being cynical won’t do anything to change my opinion. But then again I forget that I got kicked out of Red Giant Betas too many times and nobody there loves me… *lol*

Speaking as Mr Harry J Frank and not Red Giant, Knoll Light Factory is pretty terrible. It is John Knoll’s tool and he simply didn’t opt to update it in time. When it got updated, he wasn’t really driving the bus. It’s old code, old ideas and would need to start from scratch to be great.

Just as much as it is about the technical underpinnings it’s about lack of commitment. To me it’s as easy as that. You know, in those 7 years where they were “sitting it out” they could have developed their own plug-in and called it Harry’s Fancy Lens Flare Thingy without even bothering about Knoll anymore.

But someone already did that, and it is called Optical Flares. I use it. I was even on the beta team.

I was there, too. Some presets in there even carry my name.

But really, picking on one plugin out of all of the plugins isn’t really that fair. Or “some of the other plugins” which I am sure you mean ToonIt (which was totally re-written) or Holomatrix (which has never even existed as a plugin.) Really, you are getting hung up on 3 plugins. It’s like you WANT to hate before learning about it, as you haven’t actually mentioned any specific plugins aside from Red Giant’s oldest plugin, ever. Really, just relax and give it time.

Fair enough, but at least grant me that one: Why even dilute the concept of Universe (in a technical sense) with these old buggers? You could have rebuilt them Universe-native in due course and that would probably have made much more sense in the long run.

I’d rather you tell me that my Chromatic Glow, or Diffuse Glow or GloFi, or Glass Displacement, or RGB Displacement suck. That would at least be fair. And it would be constructive, too. And yes, version 1.1 will have another glow.

Ooooh, you really wouldn’t want that…

Beyond that, I don’t have any planned. So, you can relax about my lame glow effects after that, or that they will be flooding your inbox each month.

I’m sure you’ll come up with something…

As for the dev tool: keep in mind that this public beta. Supernova isn’t public RIGHT NOW.

Which, of course, ultimately is my point. Why even reveal that it exists when you don’t plan on giving power to the people right know and the other half don’t care ? That’s like those people boasting about some cool internal VFX tool on “making ofs” on movies and then giving you a “No, we can’t show it. It’s all super secret.” You’ll have to live with me being pesky about it if and until you really let it out for people to try and by that I don’t mean to wait another 2 years…


3 comments on “Harry strikes back!

  1. Well If you ask me I think I do kind of heavily dislike this product (Universe)… I think it’s unnecessary, utterly redundant, expensive and most of all this stuff is for lazy people, every single one of this effects can be accomplish with a lesser grade of understanding about how After Effects works.

    To be fair Supernova (and please stop your superiority complex from getting into your naming conventions) seems kind of nice, it’s something new and looks very fun to play with but it seems like they just reveal it to boast about how great they are and then in I don’t know say 2 years from now once they milked out all the people with the subscriptions and they get bored finally release it to the public.

    It’s frustrating to see developers just wanting to make things easy for the below average user with the excuse of “you can now focus on your history” or “with this out of the way you can now be creative and stop thinking about the technical stuff”. Meh I know that they do this because this is where the money is, but I believe they can still make great tools without sacrificing creativity and oversimplifying everything (or copying someone because quite frankly this glow plugins are a complete ripoff of the ones from Sapphire) and you now they are only thinking in money because they have Supernova which seems great but then they are selling stuff that they make with it in the form of a service called Universe what the hell…

    PD: Wish you luck with the job hunting!.

    • Yeah, I think you are getting my point. Who needs more glow effects when from Sapphire to BCC that topic is already covered thick with molasses? People who just need to get work done don’t care how an effect works under the hood and in how many flavors they come and the geeksquad will easily be able to create their own variations if they really need it – if ever Supernova becomes more widely available.

  2. Being that these are directly aimed at me, I gather you are looking for some sort of response. However, I am not exactly sure what we are debating.

    You seem to like the Supernova tool. So do I and a lot of other people. It was developed as an in-house tool, to speed up dev cycles from “about” 6 months to “about” 1 week. The fact that so many people, even you, are interested in it pre 1.0 release is a good sign.

    Also, the reason Supernova was shown was to show exactly how we plan on keeping to our promise of frequent updates. I mention that in the video, but maybe I didn’t make that clear enough.

    We also seem to keep coming back to Knoll Light Factory. It’s no surprise that Red Giant’s oldest/most dated tool is old and dated. I agree, you’ll hear no arguments from me.

    You offer up the suggestion that we re-build those “older” tools in Universe. I thought I made that clear, but we did that. Mission accomplished! ToonIt, Holomatrix and KLF were rebuilt natively for Universe.

    Regarding the the comments… I can solemnly swear, with my right hand raised to the almighty spaghetti monster, that I built my tools as the tools that “I wanted” rather than a ripoff of another plugin. I am sure they are bound to share similarities, as the concepts are pretty simple. But if you find better value in other plugins from other companies, by all means, use them. I won’t argue.

    So, in the end… I am not really sure what the actual discussion is. We don’t really seem to disagree on whole lot of specifics. Knoll Light Factory is old. Supernova is cool and should be public. If you like Sapphire or BCC better, use them. if you want on to be on the development beta, this was a pretty roundabout way of asking.

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