4 Weeks

Hard to believe it’s now already 4 weeks since I threw in the towel and head over toes quit my job over lack of payment. Strange as it is, this time has been as stressful as going to work with a hand full of pre-scheduled medical appointments and the hoopla with the (un-)employment agency, but since I’ve been a good boy and written lots of job applications my case manager is satisfied. I now have some interviews on the horizon and if all goes well a new job should not be that far away.

A lot else has been happening of course as well. Aside from that weird thing with Universe (What the hell are they smoking?) not much has been going on in the After Effects world. Everyone is busy preparing for NAB and holding back the good stuff. The next version of the program is also due and now that I know some of the details, I’m not quite sure what to think. This is going to be one more of those “…if we had this feature 10 years ago…” releases – useful for a certain kind of work, but nothing earth-shattering. You will see what I mean when people can talk about it without Adobe chewing off their head.

Some of the good stuff isn’t going to happen in September after the next version of Cinema 4D, anyway (like Cineware actually using OpenGL?!). That is as easy to predict as  the sun rising every day…  On that note we once again had one of those battles over Cinema 4D. It seems to me there is a growing rift between unsatisfied users like myself and “the other side” and the community is falling apart. Not good and Maxon really need to get out of their cave to calm down and reassure people. Their tight-assed information policy really almost makes me want to go to Friedrichsdorf and beat it out of them…

Elsewhere everyone got quite crazy over Autodesk killing XSI. Big deal! No, not really. People simply have forgotten that the program already was dead when they bought it from Avid and in fact it was amazing that they maintained it for that long. But of course they had their reasons and it now seems the long promised fundamental overhaul of Maya with a reworked underlying nodal architecture (Beginning to see where ICE went?!) is well underway. Seeing those Bifröst and XGen demos somehow makes my geek nerve tingle… Yummy stuff!

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