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Universal Implosion

There’s a theory that one day our universe will almost instantaneously implode on itself just as it exploded out of nowhere with the big bang and I think that just happened to me. Yepp, as it turns out, Red Giant Universe is one hell of a disappointment in that it’s merely yet another attempt to get their dated tools to the masses. This has quite a desperate ring of “You know, our tools are technologically behind, but if you get them for 5 bucks a month, would you still use them, please?!”. Meh…


One comment on “Universal Implosion

  1. Universe is a collection of brand new tools. Yes, 3 of the 50 plugins are re-built versions of older tools (KLF, ToonIt and Holomatrix.) However, the technology is a brand new GPU based framework unlike anything that’s been seen before. In fact, you’d probably really enjoy working with the Javascript based plugin dev tool, Supernova: https://vimeo.com/88253005 (As Universe progresses, it’s quite likely that Supernova will open up to, at first, select developers and then to the rest of the community.)

    So, the plugins are new, the technology is new and the collection will be updated with new content about every 6 weeks. Also, a subscription isn’t required.

    I just wanted to chime in with this, as it sounds like you think we are selling subscriptions to old products like Looks or 3D Stroke. Old plugins have virtually nothing to do with Universe, aside from the few that have been completely rebuilt.

    Anyway, have a nice day and good luck with the job hunt.

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