Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

It’s been an extremely busy week with 4 separate medical appointments during the last few days and the associated to and from trips, so I didn’t get much done. I dabbled a bit with modo‘s particles and the more i discover some stuff, the more I’m beginning to love it. Based on some stuff I learned to do with Thinking Particles and X-Particles I’m actually always surprised how well I can translate my setups. Some features are still missing, of course, but it’s not that bad at all.

Elsewhere, in the Adobe hive the drones have been instructed by the Borg queen to fix the mess they created for themselves (or public complaints were simply too loud and numerous to ignore) and so there’s the 12.2.1 update for After Effects. Oooh yeah… And they also promise to fix AME and a few other things, but unfortunately that necessitates another update of the Creative Cloud app. Yepp, one more weekend where you might anxiously be sitting in front of the computer, hoping it doesn’t destroy your working other apps and mess up the licensing. If everything goes right, you might then consider playing with Power Sphere to sooth your nerves. Kinda the sphere effect the program should always have had.

If that’s not your thing, you could try your hand at texturing those two critters. The shark is definitely a weirdo with his roll-up teeth and in an odd way looks as creepy as my own crooked drawing from a while ago. Still, free high-quality meshes are always good to have, be it just for toying around with your favorite 3D program to do render tests. Doing a glassy or Jade render with this might be a good change from the Stanford dragon.

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