Yesterday was a funny day in that nobody seemed to have considered the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. I had a ton of invitations to watch odd webinars on stuff that probably wouldn’t have interested me in the least, anyway. So instead I sat down and watched that other stuff, expecting it to be pretty cheesy, actually. Luckily I was positively surprised. Sure, there was lots of patriotic stuff about Russian, or more specifically Soviet Union, achievements, but it was restrained enough to get over it with a smile. The rest of the show was actually reasonably good, if perhaps a bit conventional and clichéed in the choice of subjects. Liubov (the little girl) taking off also felt a bit like they ripped off the idea from the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia which I still consider one of the best such shows ever. Still, wasn’t at all that bad, despite the occasional technical issue and president Putin looking somewhat unhappy the whole time…

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