Don’t kill the Killah!

Since my intestines are burning like crazy at the moment, it’s one of those phases where I often cuddle up on my bed quite early in the evening (as I will after writing this post at 6 P.M.) and aside from watching my DVDs (currently Babylon 5 again; 20 years *yay*) I do the occasional scribble. One thing I couldn’t get out of my mind was that stupid thing where in Australia they plan on allowing shooting sharks larger than 3 meters in length. Hullo? This is so typical of them – create your own problem and then settle for the most dumb “solution”. Yeah, sure, it’s not sexy to have your arm bitten off and I sure as hell would have a lot of respect around a Great White shark, but it’s not that taking down some of them would solve the issue of surfers intruding into their mating and hunting territories, if you get my meaning… Anyway, I ended up drawing one of those buggers in my favorite blue pencil technique. It’s mostly from memory and while I had some photos to look at, the pose is completely custom. I’m not completely happy with the outcome, though. I think the teeth are too small (and thus there are too many) and it doesn’t look aggressive enough plus he looks like a little fat boy. Maybe I can do this better another time. In any case it’s my little contribution to those unbearable proceedings and I hope someone comes to their senses…

Great White Shark


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