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Ever since little Niklas snatched the Pirates of the Carribean DVD while sneaking around my parents’ flat he’s pretty obsessed about Capt. Jack Sparrow (sounds sooo cute when he pronounces it wrongly) and you can’t make him more happy than printing out ships and other clip art stuff he can use for coloring. That made […]

Error Survey

Apparently you can’t kill a good thing. Yepp, even after a few months of it being shut down now I still get hits on Mylenium’s Error Code Database. I have also been approached by people who wanted it back, but nothing ever came of it. So here I am and have created a survey to […]

Sir Patrick & Sir Ian

The two most awesomest actors on the planet! I never can get enough of that stuff.

One Journey ends…

…a new one beckons?! I guess we will have to see. Quitting my current job after more than 14 years was no easy decision, but lately things simply got a bit too tense and it’s time to move on and look for something new. The madness of hunting for a new job shall be interesting, […]

Join the Collective

No, not the Borg from Star Trek, but apparently someone at The Foundry thought it might be a good name for bundling up their different programs. ┬áIf you already own modo or one of the other tools I’d say just wait a while until they may offer matching side-grade combos. Then it will make more […]

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

It’s been an extremely busy week with 4 separate medical appointments during the last few days and the associated to and from trips, so I didn’t get much done. I dabbled a bit with modo‘s particles and the more i discover some stuff, the more I’m beginning to love it. Based on some stuff I […]


Yesterday was a funny day in that nobody seemed to have considered the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. I had a ton of invitations to watch odd webinars on stuff that probably wouldn’t have interested me in the least, anyway. So instead I sat down and watched that other stuff, expecting it to be pretty cheesy, […]