Paper Tree

As someone who can at least draw a little bit I’m always keeping an eye on how to recreate certain styles in 3D as well. One of those used quite often in architectural sketches is to leave everything mostly white and then only color the actual building (often even only partially) and sprinkle in a few brightly colored, stylized elements such as the surrounding parks with their trees. Now of course I have a full Studio version of Cinema 4D and could easily have used Sketch & Toon, but I wanted something that could work without it. So I sat down and thought a bit about how to do that with a bit of XPresso, MoGraph and some texturing tricks. As always I also wanted to keep it procedural, so if ever needed I could create a whole library of trees in no time plus the advantage of using conventional texturing and geometry means that unlike post processed cel-shading this can easily be baked and will work with reflections and transparencies properly as well. I haven’t written any specific documentation, but if you dig through the materials and scene objects you should be able to figure things out. The basic rundown is that you create the geometry first using MoGraph, then convert it to a normal object using Current State to Object and then use the resulting polygonal objects to apply the shaders, some of which are cross-linked to dummy geometry for texturing. Once you understand the basic concepts, you should easily be able to create pretty much any kind of tree in that style. If I get around to it, I might provide a few more examples in due time. In the meantime enjoy this little experiment.

Stylized Poplar Tree

Stylized Poplar

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