When I scribble around I usually don’t bother with fully finishing the shading, part due to being lazy, part due to “I’m gonna draw this right another day.” (or model it in 3D), but yesterday I actually went the full mile and did a bit of practicing…



3 comments on “Shrooooom!

  1. Got teased! While I was reading I thought I was going to see some nice renders at the end, are you gonna bring it to 3D?, by the way, between you and a couple of folks on the internet as well finally pushed me to try out Modo, and man this thing is smoking hot! still miles away to make something decent but the overall speed and the render quality… whole another level.

  2. When I do plant stuff I usually keep it parametric/ procedural, so I can easily create a multitude of variations of the same species. I have some techniques in experimental form in Cinema 4D for that. Of course explicitly modeling a “hero” item with full details based on a production design is always in the cards. ;-)

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