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Messy Details

Following up on the previous post, we now have a clearer picture of the numerous problems.

  • The output module audio settings will reset themselves, thus sticking at 8 kHz. An explanation can be found here.
  • Drag & drop import is partially busted due to allowing this for scripts (see here).
  • MXF imports (or a generic network path issue) strike again (see here).

So I guess for now you really can skip over this and wait for the 12.2.1 fix in January. Strange, though, to see After Effects‘ quality assurance (and ultimately their Beta testers) doing such a sloppy job. At least the first 2 issues are easy to reproduce in 2 minutes and associated with common workflows… But then I forget that they are probably all already carried away with the next version and that 3D stuff I spoke about


One comment on “Messy Details

  1. Sadly I already install it, but I did have to do all sort of black magic to get it to do it… and there is finally a migrate option (that should have been there since the beginning) so I didn’t have to lose my settings.

    The autosave stuff yes is completely silly and even more so when you read what they said about it “it’s only useful when you use it”… Well yeah a lot of stuff are just useful when you use it…

    But what about you, are you excited about the new upcoming 3D stuff? it’s been awhile since I hear you cheer for anything.

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