Another Update, another Mess

As far as ideas go, Creative Cloud is a bad one – at least from a technical standpoint. If anyone needs any proof of that you need only look at last weekend’s posts that deal with the After Effects 12.2 update not working (and there’s probably a ton of similar ones for Premiere Pro etc.). So what does this mean? Well, if you plan on enjoying Christmas season instead of spending time rebuilding your installs which got screwed by the update, you should probably simply ignore it. It’s totally insignificant, anyway, and in another universe would not even have deserved a 0.0.1 version jump. I also had to giggle at some of the rationalisations for some features:

Auto-save is enabled by default. After watching students work for 20 minutes, we noticed that none of them had saved their project yet, and none had auto-save enabled. This made the point to us that auto-save is only useful when it is turned on, so in After Effects CC (12.2) we have turned it on by default.

Pardon me, but that’s stupid. Shouldn’t we as users just be able to rely on the program not crashing in the next 5 minutes, thus not necessitating any premature saves? I know I have literally worked on complex expressions for hours and only realized I hadn’t saved my project when I wanted to shut down my computer and got the warning…


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  1. also, autosave only works after you save once , so it’s useless if your computer crashes and you forgot to save from the start

  2. That’s actually not true. The auto-saves will simply be stored in your user’s default Adobe folder as untitled, but of course that would still be useless the next time the same thing happens and your project gets overwritten by another one that hasn’t a specific name yet.

  3. thanks for the clarification! ALMOST useless then…

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