Steamy modo

I never really got into PC gaming because every second game is either

  • a first person shooter
  • a strategy game
  • some role playing game

I prefer the simplicity of Zelda over any “serious” RPG, I used to like jump & runs back in the day on our Super Nintendo and Megadrive and I always admired the graphical beauty and technical finesse of some arcade shooters (when drawing lots of sprites pixel by pixel was an art form in itself and avoiding screen flicker another…). Aside from some oddball games like Machinarium , Botanicula or Limbo and occasionally firing up an emulator to get back into my console gaming day mood not much gaming is happening on my PC.

Therefore the modo Steam Edition really took me by surprise and came unexpected. Apparently there has been some confusion on the feature set, so reading this should be high on your list before you make a purchase. Why should this be in any way relevant to you? Well, if you always had an eye on modo but never the money, this is a good opportunity to get your feet moist. Sure, it’s been stripped down pretty heavily in some departments like no final render output, but you still get all the modeling and texturing tools. And where does it say that you need to use it only for game modding? 7000 polygons may not sound much, but if you do a subdivision surface model or model individual components that you export separately and then assemble e.g. in Cinema 4D, you can still get some mileage out of it even for quite detailed scenes.

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