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Snow Storm

The much dreaded storm didn’t turn out as terrifying as everyone had expected and everybody was well-prepared, so only small bits of damage here and there. We had a short power outage this morning and the network of my mobile phone provider broke down, but nothing too serious. The water is covering almost the entire beach up to the dunes with the wind pushing it up the shore and yepp, we got a bit of snow, too.

Elsewhere last year’s winner in the “most redundant After Effects plug-in” category, Trapcode MIR goes into a public Beta for its version 2. For now the list of “would be nice to have” is longer than the actual new features, so this could either be an unglorious quick shot or take well into the next year before it’s done…


One comment on “Snow Storm

  1. I don’t know what Trapcode is seriously doing they are falling behind so fast, the moment I saw them announcing a new release for Mir I was so mad, just like you said is a redundant piece of ****, there are other vendors making awesome software and releasing updates like crazy while the most beloved piece of Trapcode which is Particular gets so outdated it’s enraging all because they decided to focus on improve something that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

    I’m not software developer but everyone with a bit of common sense can see how they are falling behind in terms of development, maybe I’m crazy or maybe they are just waiting for someone else to launch something new and kick their asses.

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