Even Stormier Sea

Today the weather took a swing and some cold sub-arctic air is flowing in from the Northwest. On the bright side this means we finally get to see a bit of sun after closed cloud cover the last few days. On the other hand it means it’s so cold you have to wear gloves when walking on the beach or your hands will become stiff from the chilly breeze.  The wind is at about 7 bft, so you actually see the sand blowing on the dunes (and hearing it knock against your hood and glasses). Taking pictures under these conditions is no easy task ‘cos everything vibrates…

Baltic Sea Sunset

Baltic Sea at sunset near Seebad Ahlbeck

After I froze to the bones I turned into a small Cafe/ bakery and indulged in some coffee and a chocolate-coated gingerbread heart (it’s that time of the year…) and took some photos of the place. It has this rustic/ nostalgic charme and breathes this air from 1910 or something like that.

Bakery Cafe

Bakery Cafe Blunck in Seebad Ahlbeck

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