Rainy Rehab

Rehab is kinda strange. The first two days have once again been filled with lots of sitting around, diagnostics and only a tiny bit of therapy. I’m actually looking forward to activities stepping up tomorrow. I haven’t seen much of the Baltic Sea and the local attractions (that is except through windows) since when I’m finally free in the afternoon it’s already dark, but I’m hoping this will improve when I have a more plannable itinerary¬†in the coming days and weeks. Today it’s also been raining all day, so I probably wouldn’t have gotten much out of it, anyway. BTW, you really notice that you are on the edge of civilization here. The train trip tool forever and seemed slow like back in 1890, the overall region is sparsely populated and even mobile connections are limited to GPRS/ EDGE. Checking your favorite websites every day at those speeds ain’t much fun, considering that most graphics oriented sites use lots of images…

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