The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Our very own man from U.N.C.L.E., Todd Kopriva, is in his usual ass-covering mode, making up for the madness that the company he’s employed to is causing in the wake of “we are not ready for Mavericks and I once more can’t help but wonder: Why, oh why? Don’t I remember several Adobe product managers making grand statements about their good relations with Apple? That’s some relationship…

Elsewhere, unfortunately, the contagious nature of an operating system upgrade has spread and infected other programs as well, namely modo and Cinema 4D. It appears that once more Apple‘s inability and/ or unwillingness to provide a reliable interface for third-party GPU-accelerated clients such as OpenGL in 3D programs is making things difficult. The fixes and workarounds that software companies have implemented in their programs to bypass shortcomings on older versions of OS X are now getting in the way of the new, it would seem, and the apps gobble up graphics resources until they freeze. Again, this depends on lots of variables and some users have no issues whatsoever, but if you don’t care to spend an aggravating day reverting your system to a previous version after an unusable 10.9 update, you may hold off until everyone has figured out the details and proper fixes are available.


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  1. I work on a Windows Machine so I didn’t get the full picture but for what I saw in your posts it seems like is Apple’s too, what exactly is happening there?

    PD: All I know is that I want my damn .1 update! hahaha

    • Yes, the issues are Mac exclusive. But then again you never know… The 12.1 update could be just as troublesome…

      • Boy I forgot the word “fault” in Apple’s too, and well I think the balance goes a bit more towards unwillingness than inability after all Apple has all the money in the world to solve those problems, I just hope there are smart people working in this in both sides so we can concentrate more in the work and forget about the software.

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