I got Mail

In the last few days I had a few of those newsletter e-mails in my inbox which I usually just zap without actualyl reading, but for fun’s sake let’s go through them.

The first item on the list is the latest Red Giant movie. I was slightly optimistic when they released Spy vs. Guy a few months ago, but this thing, called Run Like Hell, is definitely a step back. The premise is actually interesting, but the overall execution *yikes*. Would anyone actually write such cheesy love letters that sound like the script for a failed Eddy Murphy movie? Also the end looks like they couldn’t make up their minds about making this a 60s B-movie or an ultra-realistic contemporary offering, so the effects look out of place. It’s just not the least bit funny or visually interesting. One can only hope that since they are posing this as a teaser, the full movie will be better – a lot better! Stu, do ya hear me?

Andrew continues to exploit his Jet Strike pack and now has opened up his own Flight School. Good? Bad? As long as he doesn’t add more afterburners out of place, probably a good thing. If you want to have some fun and derive a little pleasure from guys like me over-obsessing about flight physics, you might dig around for some discussions on what contrails actually are (and how compression condensation/ fallout and other such stuff are not). Yummy stuff and definitely bordering on insane.

Finally, after one year of being joined at the hips, the (former) Luxology web site now points officially to The Foundry and makes modo as “a subsidiary of con-glo-mo”. ;-) That should put it more in the limelight and the site with its new design should make it much easier to find what you are looking for. neither the old The Foundry nor the Luxology site were particularly exciting or easy to move around, so this can only be a good thing…

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