Hit by a Maverick!

Somewhat incidentally in line with the the recently jet-themed model pack by Video CoPilot I was just reminded of the AGM-65 Maverick (a either TV or infrared guided air to ground missile used by the U.S. armed forces) while reading the latest forum posts on compatibility issues with the just released OS X 10.9 Mavericks (referring, of course, to those gianormous waves surfers like to ride on). Once again Adobe are not ready despite making grandiose claims about compatibility updates (Is anyone really surprised by this?), so for now you may wish to hold off on upgrading your Mac, even if the upgrade is free. I’m sure many people feel that urge that makes them wish the Adobe offices in Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco and elsewhere would either be swept into the seas by one of those waves or blown sky high by one of those rockets. More news as things evolve…


2 comments on “Hit by a Maverick!

  1. I want my damn video production update AKA .1 update October it’s almost ending…

    • In light of the current issues I wouldn’t keep my hopes up… It’s gonna take a while to sort that mess (and they still are busy fixing their recent security crackdown as well).

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