Cute Whale, faulty Jets

I have a thing with whales, I can admit that and so along with my own ventures it always pleases me to see other artists produce nice renditions of these beasts. On the Luxology forum this render just popped up:

Whale in Tank

Whale in Tank © Sebastian Szyszka

It’s anatomically kinda wrong (too short) but it makes him look just that bit of cute. Head over to the original thread for a larger version.

Elsewhere, while Andrew may not have shortened his planes, some details still appear wrong now that he has released some larger res shots of the package. Here’s some of things I noticed on a quick glance which you may want to avoid or fix doing your own aerial battles.

  • The pitot tube thing on the MiG-29 Fulcrum is not fixed. Too bad. In addition, there would be not as large a visible gap on the horizontal rudders and the axles/ hinges/ pivots would not show that prominently. They are almost flush with the fuselage. (perfect example here)
  • The F-35 B JSF does not have this sharp step in the canopy and the nose contour is just plain wrong. (see this image)
  • On the Boeing 747 you may want to hide the antennas and the FLIR/ laser range finder/ satcom/ jammer bulge on the nose tip when doing a civilian version.
  • The F-16 Falcon is not a “bomb truck” and the weapons load-out used by Andrew is not impossible, but extremely unlikely for a realworld scenario. Also note that AMRAAMs are only carried on the wing rails by the more recent versions. Older versions did neither have the structural strength nor electronics for that and usually used Sidewinders or ECM pods in those positions. For those older versions you would also have to eliminate the little extra sensor bulges in front of the cockpit and a few other things.
  • The engine nacelles on the Boeing 767 model look too much like barrels. They should be replaced by more straight versions.

I’m sure there’s some other things that could be corrected, but that would require to get my dirty little hands on the package for a first hand look… ;-)

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