(Crash-) Landed Jets

Not that you need me to tell you this, but as announced, the JetStrike pack is now available. If you plan on being the next Roland Emmerich and need to shoot down alien spaceships with nukes, escape gianormous waves or crash some jets into the White House this might be an affordable way to do just that. The proportions of most planes look a bit odd to me, though, like the curvature of the canopies being off, but that could be just the camera work and the over-cranked environment reflections. And yeah, I still object to fancy “heat” glows and distortions where they don’t belong. ;-)

On that note, Andrew makes a good point about some limitations of distortion effects in this little demo. Ironically there has been a solution for quite a while by ways of this little plug-in. This may give you greater artistic freedom by using all sorts of conventional distortion effects, including particle-based stuff and still make it blend in correctly. I also tend to think that if you have RevisionFX’ Twixtor Pro there may be a way to get similar functionality by generating a motion-based blending mask using their vector generation effect. I just haven’t gotten around to trying and cooking up some project for your pleasure. Also RE:Map has a bidirectional displacement effect that might further expand your options…

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