Stu gives away Adobe’s next Secret?!

Ever since the Canadian with the rather prominent nose and the deep voice  took over as product manager, After Effects has seen a couple of performance-centric “enhancements” that kinda slavishly ape the aforementioned Canadian’s own product Nucleo Pro, only that they are not necessarily going anywhere when used every day. I’ve never been friends with hacky solutions like flooding disk-based caches with data you don’t necessarily need and much would prefer a completely different rendering approach all together since as it stands, the different caches are still one of the most error-prone areas in the whole program and lack robustness. They prevent you from opening projects when damaged or tainted down to causing crashes, wreak havoc with temporal functions, have the adverse effect of slowing down things the more they fill up or lead to that thing, where outdated data is used to render something.

At least the latter might not be necessary at some point, because as Stu pleas for, there will be rendering via Creative Cloud one day. It’s not only inevitable because Stu wouldn’t post such stuff if he hadn’t discussed it to death with Adobe officials or on the Beta, it’s also inevitable because it’s one of those impossible to miss “business opportunities”. It just needs to be done halfway smart because the biggest issue is still Internet connectivity – on my connection here uploading a project with a frozen RotoBrush alone would be a painful experience, much less including the actual footage sources. And I wouldn’t wanna pay more for it a year than just buying another cheap “render hog” would cost me, meaning a flat fee that can be cancelled any time is way to go rather than actual pay per use like those obscure Gigahertz per rendering hour formulas that some 3D render farms use.

In the comments also someone mentioned the plug-ins being an issue, but worry not. Like predators, plug-in developers are most dangerous when they are silent and currently everybody seems busy with updating their stuff for the new 3D space that is to come. True, I have told you that before and failed in my predictions, but mark my words: Now with that strange Cineware stuff in place, After Effects finally getting a proper 3D space is inevitable to max out the usefulness and align the workspaces. Since it’s going to happen, anyway, everybody might just as well get over with it now and while they are mangling the code, including some stuff for distributed rendering might not be a far cry. After all, what’s to stop e.g. Particular from generating Thinking Particles data or FreeForm Pro to produce Cinema 4D compatible geometry and then render it with something like TeamRender. All perfectly within the realm of the possible…

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