JJ admits his Wrongdoing!

While it wasn’t a particularly outstanding movie and even less in a Trek sense, I still enjoyed Star Trek into Darkness enough for what it is. One of the more annoying parts was the once again excessive use of lens flares and now the master himself admits that he may have overdone a bit. I hope that means we will see a little more restraint on his Star Wars movies, which wouldn’t hurt, anyway, because if you remember episodes I to III, those were plastered with implausible and unnecessary flares that looked like cheap Knoll Light Factory presets as well…

Edit: On that note I’ve been meaning to post this ever since it cropped up online last week. Good points except for the part about Star Wars not happening on big city planets and that. In a universe as overcrowded as this they definitely would have a few of those, not just Coruscant, each with its own interesting history and potential for stories.

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