Skinny 7

Now that I’ve joined the mobile madness with my iPad mini, of course I’m just as much on a leash with all that stuff like the App Store, iTunes and the inevitable system updates. After the dust has settled after a week, I got around to updating to iOS 7. Slightly ridiculously you need some form of alternate Internet connection and a computer to do that. Those 1.15 GB of data would quickly eat up your highspeed 3G/ 4G quota if you are on a limited mobile tariff otherwise. So much for the new mobile world. As always, applying such updates is of course one of those things that scare me to death because when things go wrong you might end up with an unusable device that doesn’t boot, so I went out of my way to not do anything else on my computer while the whole install procedure was underway. After letting it do its thing for half an hour and my iPad rebooting twice I finally laid eyes on the redesigned unlock screen.

While everybody went batshit over Jonathan Ive taking over the UI design, to me it is quite a mixed bag. Yes, of course it’s a good thing to get rid of the fake leather and wood textures and provide a more neutral look, but some other changes are unnecessary. Some of the “+” symbols where you add entries to your calendar and such are barely visible at some glancing angles for instance because the lines are so skinny and toned down. Not good at all, when on the other hand just setting the UI text to bold doesn’t solve the issue. They really need to figure out a way to provide more control over such details. Also, as anybody who has been dealing with video will attest to, no matter what – 1 pixel lines always tend to look flickery/ flimsy even on very sharp screens. Similar could be said for some other things like the marks in the calendar app being so toned down and small at times, you barely notice them. The whole point is, after all, providing a means of seeing important items at a glance and you’d be surprised how colorfully I mark my paper calendars at times. And of all the colors in the world, red for the table lines and header texts? RLY? I think that’s one of the areas where they have taken their “slickification” too far and it impairs functionality. Might have to consider an alternative calendar app….

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