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Element Factory

I swore to myself I’d never write anything again about The Plant Factory since E-on so brilliantly messed up the pricing and versions, but now with the PLE available I just couldn’t resist. It’s really not bad at all and quite comprehensive, even if it may not have the smart texturing or subdivision-based geometry options found in SpeedTree. On the other hand it’s much more visual than the aforementioned tool. The little extra editors for profiles are a neat touch and most other parameters are a bit more straightforward to understand. Almost makes me wish I had coughed up those 395 Euros for the thing when it was still in Beta. After the uproar and their adjusting the packages I might now have something actually usable… *grmpf* Well, but not all is lost, I’m having quite a bit of fun with something along those lines which you may find out one of those days.

Elsewhere an observant viewer of the Star Trek credits making-of noticed the use of a version of Element 3D that had intra-object shading blending modes, which, as half confirmed by someone on the After Effects Mailing List, will be in version 2 as well. I still have to find some use for this plug-in, but naturally, if I were doing space-y stuff with nebulae and flares I guess I might find it useful. Well, we’ll heave to see, won’t we? For now I probably need to get back to working on my own v2 – that is a pimped version of Les Blocs with texture baking and much lighter resulting geometry therefore. I started it some time before the summer but never got it polished up for release. It’s not going to happen soon, though. With my rehab on the horizon and a ton of other things to do, it’s gonna be a while. Tons of paperwork to fill out and getting approval from all the doctors…


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  1. Oh! so it really were blending modes inside the plugin I knew it! you know after taking the look through the Stark Trek tittles making of I decided to do myself some tests and find out that to achieve what they did you either will need to make like 10 layers copies of the plugin and use the blends that way or some sort of blending like the ones from particular which there aren’t any, I felt tricked because they were speaking like it was something you could go there and tried right away but it was a secret feature and they completely hide it while talking about it the video if that makes any sense.

    On the good side I also think the video was great and I don’t know where Andrew found that music/sound designer but damn he is great.

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