I’m every Man, I’m any Man…

Yesterday was the day… Yes, it’s Cirque du Soleil time. We went to see Quidam. Seems unnecessary to say it, but once again I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just like Alegria it’s one of those older shows that has a slightly more artsy concept/ story which either you like or you don’t. Personally it’s one of my favorites, though I must admit that I’d only discovered the qualities of the show quite late – the old poster design/ package branding with that brick wall always kinda put me off and gave me a wrong impression. Once I had watched the show on arte, I took it immediately to my heart. The music is quite brilliant actually and while it may look a bit rudimentary at first, so is the stage design with it’s arching rails and performers being moved around while hanging from them, which with the show not being short on flying acts is used to good effect. Naturally, with the show running for 15 years or so now, some of the acts have changed a bit here and there, but I guess that’s the point of watching shows live and not just on DVD, after all. ;-) The one thing that really didn’t work for me was the clown stuff. Originally performed by John Gilkey, it just doesn’t have the same beat when someone else merely rehashes it. I suppose they should just use other performances when a comedic artist leaves and integrate those into the fabric of the show rather than the other way around.

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