Diagrams (and Gerald approves something Adobe)

Since I don’t particularly care for most photography stuff, but my colleague Gerald does, you will be pleased to hear that he thinks that Lightroom 5.2 is actually workable. It fixes a ton of issues like previews not updating properly or wrong metadata getting sticky, so you might want to run the update sooner than later, if you are plagued by one or all of those. Of course if Adobe hadn’t rushed the release to coincide with the Creative Cloud announcement they could have gotten it right in the first place. It always amazes me how they keep managing to screw it for themselves and their release schedule is dictated by marketing more than technical sanity. Someone should do a pretty infographic/ diagram… Which brings me to a point.

As you may know, I love all sorts of odd data graphics and spend a lot of time creating stock rigs for my own perusal like my chord/ relationship diagram, so I keep an eye on that stuff. The latest chart creator thingy ain’t half bad, but if you are on a budget (and I know you are) you can get a free bar chart template of mine here and my free lien chart tutorials is still floating around somewhere on creativeCOW. Also Video CoPilot have a tutorial on this and this little gem on Vimeo can get you quite a ways… On a different note also keep in mind that while they look cool when animated, ring charts are totally and completely evil because, as Mr. Tufte would say, they skew the information they are meant to present (the ring lines carrying 2 data dimensions by ways of their radius and their completion, thus no matter what always making values on smaller radii looking less relevant or imposing), so use them sparingly!

With so many free alternatives around you might want to reconsider and perhaps spend your money on something else like this. Looks a bit like pattern brushes/ art brushes from Illustrator and if you don’t have a decent particle plug-in floating around that could create such trails with custom sprites, it may be just right for you…

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