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Green Mamba

It’s now been a while since I last was in Amsterdam and it would be kinda nice to go there again one day. Especially now that they have this new picture of van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum is also restored in its full glory it may be worth another trip. Since recently we even have a more frequent flight connection here from LEJ to AMS thanks to Darwin Airline, so this becomes more and more likely. I just need to scrape together the money and convince my mum on that weekend trip. ;-) For now I’m actually glad I haven’t commited myself to making reservations earlier this year as – almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy – naturally I’m still down with an acute phase of my illness at the time of IBC, so I’ll have to watch from a distance. Generally there’s not much to miss beyond collecting swag and chit-chatting with a few people, but it would still be nice.

Adobe fired their shot earlier this week with their .1 update announcements for After Effects and Premiere Pro and now the others follow suit – inevitably and quite predictably. Nuke 8 is not far away it seems and it’s funny how they in a way are trying to copy functionality from some titling tools and After Effects with their type stuff when in reverse Adobe‘s program is becoming more like some weird cross breed of  smoke with 3D features or whatever you want to call it. The Nuke sneak peek video kinda segways around a bit, so I would kinda guess that there’s some more coming like Mari integration or modo even, which could be interesting. I almost wish I actually had the money for a license….

Without that being the case, I might have to settle on cheaper alternatives and lo and behold, out of nowhere and quite unexpectedly a new tool enters the ring with SGO‘s Mamba. Beyond the usual press statements and some crappy barely legible screenshots not much info is to be found, but this seems to aim in a direction like combustion* did back then. If they do it right, there might indeed be a market for it. Though one thing I’ll never understand: Why can’t companies that sell high-endish products like Mistika not hire a decent UI designer? It looks kinda ugly.

Elsewhere everyone is going crazy over everyone’ favorite Andrew Kramer doing the latest Star Trek credits in Element 3D. Interesting, though I don’t necessarily agree with some comments you read here and there on forums. I have yet to see the movie and I just hope it’s not as corny as it looked in some of the trailers. But I guess the first part turned out okay, after all, so I’m hopeful… Time to pick up the Blu-Ray/ DVD released this week!


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  1. You know I’m no fan of Stark Trek and just recently saw the movies, they were surprisingly good especially the sequel so I go there and watched and you know a good example of what you said about UI designers is especially true with matchmoving programs.

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