Dashboard Gold

It seems people expect to find answers to the strangest issues here on this blog, at least judging from the dashboard search terms. One of those little gems was phrased “Why is QuarkXPress still utter shit?”. Do I know? Do I even care? The last time I used XPress was version 3.1 on an ailing Mac a decade ago and that exactly coincided with the time from where things went downhill. There were of course a few very clear reasons. One of those was that Adobe came out with InDesign for a fraction of the price what an XPress cost while at the same time offering already offering features that Quark wanted you to buy extra (again quite costly) plug-ins for. Then things kinda took on a life on their own, but another deadly blow was undoubtedly was that Quark didn’t get their Windows version off the ground and when it finally arrived, it was buggy as hell and didn’t find its user crowd.

Where are things today? I honestly don’t know and I couldn’t be bothered to even download the demo version because I so little do publishing stuff these days. From what I read here and there things seem to have gotten better, but just like me, I doubt that they’ll ever get back the customers they pissed off back then. That’s life and happens all the time. Companies get too big, too greedy, too complacent and usually fall over their own feet at the height of their success. I can’t even remember all the names of companies that thought they were unsinkable and then simply disappeared, but where one falls, others arise. That is to say that in the digital age fame and business success can be rather short-lived and who knows, 20 years down the road nobody might even remember Apple, Adobe, Avid, Autodesk and so on and we all be using other tools or Google runs everything. For now it seems there’s hope yet, so stay tuned for some juicy news on After Effects just in time for IBC… (I wonder what that could mean? ;-) )

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