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Delightful Heisenberg

One of the few good things when you are down sick at home is that you have plenty of time to watch stuff on TV or DVD. So I actually managed to chew through all Breaking Bad episodes (that thus far are available), sometimes 5 or 6 episodes on a single day. This his been an exciting and exhilarating experience, but actually being so glued to the stuff speaks volumes for the series’ qualities. I think I wasn’t that jazzed since Battlestar Galactica a few years ago. I’m still in “processing mode” and let a few things sink in and I’m almost definitely gonna watch it a second time near the end of the year when the final episodes are also available here and then another time with all those commentaries and special features.

One of the good things of all this is that the creative use of text in the credits finally made me put together a project that can do automatic highlighting of text. As with so many things with After Effects, my initial enthusiasm was quickly curbed by its awful performance issues. I thought I’d whip this up in an afternoon and then spent the next 3 days figuring out workarounds so it would be at least usable. Oh my! I really wish they would get around to creating a new engine , preferably in Python… For the aforementioned reasons it is inevitable you read the included instructions or you’ll wait forever to do its thing because you have it running with full bells on. Beyond using it for creative text formatting there’s a couple of other potential uses such as dialog highlighting or karaoke stuff. Once you understand how it works you can literally reuse and modify it endlessly. Have fun!

(YouTube version here)

Heisenberg’s Delight

P.S.: If you are wondering about the new look of the blog – this is not entirely by choice. It seems WordPress have updated some stuff and it broke theme compatibility and I had to emergency scramble and pick another one. For now it seems to work, but I may pick yet another one one of these days, so don’t be surprised…


One comment on “Delightful Heisenberg

  1. Thanx a lot for this project. You have done an incredible job, because it’s a long time i’m searching a way to automatically highlight a text ( for example to indicate a city on a map with a rectangle of color corresponding at the lengh of the text.)
    You show me now a different solution. Thank you and bravo (wunderbach).
    Of course it’s very slow…

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