So who likes fast Jets?

Seems like the cuties over at Video CoPilot are finally getting ready to roll out their long-announced aviation package for Element 3D. As someone who has been doing aircraft scale modeling and still reads aviation websites and magazines such as Combat Aircraft regularly, it makes me a bit giddy, ‘cos it’s cool. At the same time, it makes my brain tick, though, not just because of the unnecessary lens flares. Just looking at the promotional poster, I see some issues with the models like that pointed nose that looks like a bee stinger on that MiG-29 Fulcrum, when in fact it’s just a normal pitot tube with constant diameter, give or take a few extra antenna blades and angle-of-attack (AOA) indicators on some versions. That F-22 also looks a bit patchy, too, and may need some texturing work… I hope they can fix all that before releasing it.

The whole thing also reminded me of my own scrapyard of half-finished aircraft models. Below you see what was once to be a MiG-17 F Fresco and one of my favorite aircraft, the Sukhoi Su-7 BM Fitter, or Sučka, as the Czech pilots lovingly called it. I’ve included the models for your pleasure, but naturally they would require a lot more work to be ready for primetime. Might be okay to let them fly in the background or place them as decorative items e.g. in a desert conservation and storage facility or an airfield in the 1950s and 1960s. I also have some MiG-19 Farmer, an RF-8 Crusader, an F6F Hellcat and several other planes stowed away, most of them just existing as mere shells or even just reference spline work… Who knows, I should perhaps get to finishing some of those one day. If you lust for more, you can also find several reasonably good aircraft for free on the web. Anders Leizcak used to provide a Me-109 and a Spitfire that might just be what you need for your WW II air battle. Also, a few years ago there were 2 books from Taschen called 500 3D-Objects that contained CDs with models from Reyes Infografika (later acquired by Viewpoint/ Digimation; you can buy their whole legacy archive from their website) that had several aircraft like a Skyhawk and a high-res version of the Focke-Wulf FW 189 Uhu. There’s also several cars, furniture and so on which you might generally find useful für your 3D experiments, so if you can find the books complete with the disks used somewhere, it would be a good investment.

While we’re on the subject of giving away things, Andrew also has some nice paper textures (can never have enough of those for design work!) and a typewriter model, so grab the goods while they’re hot!

MiG-17 F Fresco

Sukhoi Su-7 BM Fitter

Retro Jet Models

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