Bad Breakage

This morning I was cleaning out the litter box of my neighbor’s fat phantom cat (haven’t seen him in days, but he’s eating his stuff and doing is dumps, so he must still be alive) and almost blacked out… I haven’t been quite myself those last few days already. I slept for the better part of the weekend and even last week put in some extra hours of sleep in the afternoons after I returned from work. So the long and short of it is that I’m now once again officially sick at home after spending all morning at my doctor’s and I still have the umpteenth sonography this afternoon and another lung x-ray tomorrow. Not good.

Speaking of which, of course this is a commonality with all sorts of lung diseases, including cancer, and as I wrote last week, thanks to some Amazon vouchers I’m now able to watch a certain Walter White do his thing. Yepp, I’ve started watching Breaking Bad and I’m already through with the first season and a part of season two. In a way it’s pretty awesome, in another way just weird and in yet another way pretty scary. The awesome part is of course the characters that are so over-the-top at times, you can’t help but laugh. Jesse is kinda annoying, though. He’s so moronic in whatever he does, he always manages to screw his own good intentions. This is also the scary and sad part – I’m at any point willing to believe that people like his character, his equally dumbass buddies, the junkies and all that could and probably do exist in some form somewhere. The weird part is how Walt and Jesse always seem to get away with their wrongdoing – for now, of course – despite their “make it up as we go” approach getting them in pinches every time and the whole matter actually being pretty obvious. Will be interesting to see where this is going…

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