Tram *wham*

Commuting to work can provide you with interesting experiences like freezing your ass off when it’s 20 degrees C below zero and the train is late, sweating like a pig in buses with defective air condition and sealed windows and meeting all sorts of weird people. Particularly notable are always tram trips with those “trains” swimming in the normal car traffic and inevitably every now and then there are crashes. Exactly this happened this morning with the tram I was sitting in. Some chicks in a red car were a bit too optimistic taking some last minute left turn and so things went *boom*. Lucky for them, only the rear end of their car was hit and everything seemed to be well with them. In the tram also nobody seemed to have been hurt, but naturally public transport accidents always involve the full orchestra of police doing their investigation and inquiries, ambulance checking people and later the cleaning team collecting debris, so instead of waiting around for an hour or how long it would have taken, I stepped off the train and had an extra 3 km walk to my workplace. *uggh*

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