Kitty Patrol

The last few days have been pretty bad to say the least and while initially it was just a matter of blaming it on the weather, it looks like this is again a genuine onslaught of my illness. I’ll probably have to see the doctor again when I thought August would be the one month with zero appointments. *grmpf*

At least being home this time I wouldn’t be alone – along with other duties like watering flowers, I inherited responsibility for my neighbors’ cat as long as they are on their summer holidays. Imagine that! Me of all people! Luckily it’s a little lazy fatso, so there’s not much risk of him starving to death any time soon. Though cats seem to be quite sensitive to kidney problems, so I’ll have to freshen up his water every day. I hope I’m not overfeeding him when filling up his food supply. And of course cleaning out his kitty litter will please the neighbors and avoid bad odors.

Elsewhere I spent some Amazon vouchers on finally getting into Breaking Bad. With the buzz surrounding the final season and after having seen a few episodes of the first season back then on arte (yes, before it became so popular, licensing was obviously affordable enough even for our public TV) it’s time to catch up. I liked the cynical tone very much and with things taking a serious dark turn, this should be just the thing I might enjoy. Funny that I still remember Bryan Cranston playing that Ranger in Babylon 5 long before he became more noticeable in Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad. Mmmh, makes me wonder what cats are like on Meth…. ;-)

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