Woohoo… Yet another goner from the Babylon 5 universe. Yepp, Elric has joined his Technomage fellas and gone to some place where no one can find them… Michael Ansara has passed away at the age of 91. In the episode where he appears, The Geometry of Shadows, is actually a pretty funny episode with Londo being under a spell and all sorts of strange things happening and Ansara playing his role dead seriously contributes to that – because let’s face it – you really wouldn’t want to mess with him. He brought that same gravitas to his part as Kang in Star Trek – Deep Space Nine and it actually makes me wonder if it isn’t about time to finally watch the classic Star Trek series from the 1960s in full (back then I bought the Special Collector’s Edition DVDs with the Tricorder shaped boxes, but only watched a handful of episodes in all those years). Ah, the golden times…

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