Kinetic Displacements

With everyone suffering from the summer heat, including moi, news are few and far in-between, so I’m all the more happy to at least post some snippets here. First in line, after I have been posting bits and pieces those last weeks already, FreeForm Pro 1.5 and Shapeshifter 1.5 now officially have been released. Since they are free updates, you might want to head over to Mettle and grab them. I still need to somehow slap together some clip showing at least some of the presets I created for this, but all in due time.

Elsewhere, while it was hard manual work up until now, we now have a script-based solution for “kinetic type” via AEScriptsTypemonkey, making it all too easy for everyone to turn their favorite song into a bad poetry slam. Not that I don’t enjoy a good fun type treatment like in the old Pink Panther movie titles, but ever since people started using stacked blocks of text synced to music en masse it kinda has lost its magic and is actually most of the time pretty awful to look at. But then again, I suppose, so is every “motion graphics trend” after a while of overuse, be it lens flares, growing swirlies, fracturing/ shattering/ crumbling text, watery splashes in close-up slo-mo and the next one is already on the horizon with life-size lettering that inflates like a balloon and explodes…. ;-)

Since a lot of that naturally involves 3D programs and one can never have enough performance, you might actually be interested in these performance tips for Cinema 4D. If you are the daring type and actually use Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite, the least that article can do for you is understand some basics on how the program evaluates its hierarchies, what priorities have to do with that and how you can streamline the process, should your scene ever grow beyond that single cube or extruded text object. I was planning to include some of that in my Cinema 4D tips collection, but now someone beat me to it. ;-)

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