It’s definitely the hottest day of the year today and just like the rest of the world I don’t feel like doing much. I’ve hacked in a few new articles on the Error Code Database and otherwise I’m trying to do as little as possible to not break a sweat. I had my head sunk into Cinema 4D‘s Python stuff a bit those last few days now that I’ve decided to learn it a bit better. It’s pretty convoluted and inconsistent, since functions sometimes do the same, but are called differently across the various modules which will make it hard to memorize. There are definite advantages, though. Being able to define custom classes and work with external files is something I had wished for in After Effects expressions all those years and on a whole, the entire architecture is just much more open. And who knows, perhaps I might one day sink my teeth into modo‘s python as well or even get my hands on Nuke. Could be yummy and definitely is time well spent.

Elsewhere people naturally suffered from heat-related issues as well and were just as lazy as myself and so it seems that this year’s SIGGRAPH didn’t really make too many waves.  There were of course a handful of industry alliances and standards agreements like Pixar sharing Renderman tech with The Foundry or their second iteration of their OpenSubdiv initiative, but that’s mostly stuff normal users don’t much care about until they actually see it implemented in their programs. Many other announcements had already been made before the show like Houdini Engine, so overall news were a bit thin. Of course the already covered Cinema 4D R15 are of relevance, but the thing that stood out most for me was NewTek‘s ChronoSculpt. While I’m long past any upgrade prices for Lightwave and thus most likely never will go back, I have to give it to them – they seem to be a much more open and modern company that produce tools people actually want then when I turned my back on them. The funny thing is also that this new tool exactly illustrates what Maxon or Luxology could also do with their already existing sculpting tools in the respective programs – if they see the light, as it were…

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