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Thanks to the photographic talents of my dear colleague Gerald I have a few new photos at hand and I’ve put in some time updating my head shots here on this site. I’m also still experimenting with a few settings and design options. Most notably I have added a Flattr button to the Error Code Database and my Download site, so you can selectively make donations if you like something without using the evil PayPal. ;-)

For this year the good folks at Mettle have saved our bacon by covering the remaining cost and that’s why they prominently appear in the respective places. Of course I want to thank all the others who have donated as well. Here’s hoping that in due time we perhaps may get enough supporters on board to ensure a continual flux of money to keep the sites alive without last minute scrambles in the coming years. And who knows, perhaps you would like to see your logo popped on the site one of those days. It would definitely be preferable to other methods, since as I once promised you that I’m trying to keep this site free of banners and other intrusive advertising fluff. If you get my meaning: Running this site costs real money, but I think it’s better to have a premium sponsor who has a relation to After Effects (or any of the other programs for that matter) rather than random Google ads for blue pills and fake designer products.

And when I take the money, I return the favor by keeping this site as current as I can and providing everything at no cost for the rest of the world – that is you, inclined readers (which are hopefully customers of my sponsors ;-) ). That being so, I now have officially finished my collected wisdom on Photoshop and it’s oddities. While it’s no longer “work in progress”, of course it will require updating from time to time, so if you have issues not listed in the document, have figured out a way to resolve one of the problems or simply want to add some corrections, give me a ping and I’ll add the info and make the necessary changes. For now I’m still hopelessly behind adding new error codes, but it would seem I finally have a bit of time to actually put them in. For those of you keeping count: The madness of the recent Creative Cloud release and its numerous bugs and issues has swept quite a few errors our way and there are now at about 530…


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  1. You look healthy!

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