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Following up on this week’s post about that “little” issue with the sync feature in After Effects and Todd seeming to be pissed and not caring to reply to my questions, I’ve decided to do my own little poll, because, candid as I’m always, I suggested that the best solution might be to just remove it again. Here are some points that should help you make up your mind based on currently available information:


  • If you are on Creative Cloud for Teams or a similarly large group and need to provide a unified set of presets, preferences, actions and styles, it might be a simple way of doing that.
  • It could serve as a backup in case you screw up your own local settings.


  • On a standard license where you are only allowed to have 2 activations, anyway, what’s the point? What’s wrong with sharing your presets via an USB stick or sending them via DropBox or an e-mail from A to B like we’ve done all those years?
  • Assuming the previous point refers to considerably different machines (desktop vs. laptop or Mac vs PC), you still end up setting many options manually.
  • It causes the ugly delay issue in After Effects mentioned in that other post.
  • From what I gather from reading forum posts, it randomly doesn’t work at all in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and if not sending your settings to the cloud weren’t bad enough, it also destroys perfectly working local settings, requiring to reset and trash those files and rebuild them.

Throw in your vote and let me know what you think.


2 comments on “Sync Poll

  1. A bake and import option would make so much more sense…

    • I guess that’s one way of putting it. Personally I’m simply seeing all kinds of trouble because the technical basis isn’t there – we can’t even save a render settings or output module setting selectively in After Effects. Also they could have just implemented it as an optional panel instead of forcing it down the user’s throat in the menus and toolbars and nobody would have noted the difference. So much wrong with it…

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