The Mask(ed) Avenger

After yesterday’s public admission of failure, a little streak of light appeared on the horizon with a new plug-in. Users have been begging on their knees to get access to mask points for tracking and expressions forever and now it seems they finally can with The Mask Avenger. Of course there have been workarounds like MathiasTracker2Mask script or my own concoctions using FreeForm Pro and other effects to dynamically reshape “mask areas” based on point data, but there’s always something with them like the performance being below par or the whole process being somewhat unintuitive overall. If you have exactly these uses in mind, then this new one is for you. Personally I’m still craving for something like the old Expression Effects, though. I still have the demo version installed in CS4 and from time to time look at it to remind me why it would be so useful to have. For instance I more often actually want to move points along a mask path and the Segment Analysis Node would be super useful for that kind of work instead of always ending up copy&pasting the mask to a motion path and then messing around with valueAtTime() expressions…. Well, one can’t have everything, I guess. Head over to AEScripts if you want to give The Mask Avenger a spin…

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