In my experiments with FreeForm Pro I had a bit of fun exploring techniques to modulate curvatures with displacements and of it came a project that allows you to create a bunch of crests and badges. The above is just a quickly hacked together scoreboard by importing two designs into a main project. As always, I have meticulously structured my stuff, so all you will have to do is swap out the logos and text and adjust the coloring, if you don’t like the defaults. I even rigged it with some expressions, so you can quickly select from 7 different shapes for the shield, 3 different types of crown and we’ll even have a decorative ribbon in front.

Not that I’ve ever been part of that crowd, but it could be pretty cool and useful for a lot of things – all sorts of squadron badges for military, police or fire departments, family crests, sports and ultimately, yes, even the notorious clan logo for YouTube. You could even just use them as a picture frame. The best part is – as always – that you’re gonna get it for free. This will be part of a collection of projects for FreeForm Pro 1.5 once it comes out, so stay tuned. I’m in the final steps of finessing these projects and according to the Mettle guys, the free update should not be far away, so this could give you some interesting things to play with over the summer…

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