Gravity strikes back!

Sad news today, friends. In the “gravity defying-adventure” that is , gravity has struck back with a vengeance. Given the insane stuff that happens in som Cirque du Soleil shows it’s amazing that so little happens at all, but inevitably it was bound to happen one day. Yepp, someone fell down really deep because the security belt slipped/ security wire snatched. Seems really the Cirque is having a bit of bad luck in recent years. First shutting down Zaia, Zed and Viva Elvis and now even Iris, then Worlds Away bombing at the movies (which somehow I also understand, given the subject matter and how they tried to make it “a sensual experience” by overcranking the sound effects instead of just letting people enjoy the show bits) and now this… *sigh* But I guess that’s the price of making such a great show (despite its flaws). I hope it doesn’t mean another premature ending because I still somehow want to go there and see it first hand.

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