Liten up!

Just a quicky today: A user on the Adobe forum asked how to actually use Cinema 4D Lite when you have a full version of Studio or Broadcast on the system. By default Cineware will use the “full” version if it detects it to open your C4D file for editing, but as the user pointed out this could be a problem if you inadvertently use a feature that way that is not available to someone just with Lite. Therefore it would make sense to disable this feature to avoid confusion and so the little cutie that is me sat down and fired up Process Explorer and what do you know – they indeed simply query a handful of Windows Registry keys. By deleting the right one, you can give Cineware ignorant bliss and it will henceforth use the version that comes with After Effects CC. The key in question is found under


where the little Xs stand for some number that is the installation hash value/ identifier. To avoid issues, you should export the key to a *.reg file with a right-click, so you can put it back later, if needed or else you may have to reinstall Cinema 4D completely to reinstate it. If someone knows how to do it on Mac (deleting some plist file perhaps?), feel free to ping me. I’ll add this info to my Common Cinema 4D Issues list in due course.

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