New Version, new Errors

It’s some nasty thunderstorm outside as I’m writing this and since it’s been one of those terribly hot “looking good in undies” (and nothing else but undies) days, I didn’t feel like doing much else all afternoon, so I sat down and messed around with the Error Code Database. I have added the first three error codes for the new After Effects CC (aka CS7) which predictably have a lot to do with Cineware and other new features, so the race is on. I’m still hopelessly backlogged with errors on my list that are not yet live on the database, but well, I’ll get around to it one of those days. For now I have expanded and rewritten some of the installation articles to cover Creative Cloud problems as well. Some good citizens have made donations and I hereby want to thank them publicly, but as you can see on the red bar, we are still not even near one third of covering annual operating costs, so if you can spare a few dimes, hit the orange button. Thanks!

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