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Just installed After Effects CC with Cineware here at work (yes, after 8 weeks sick I’m back at my office!) and what can I say? It’s in every aspect as awful as I thought it would be. The performance simply sucks even with the simplest extruded text and then it keeps bugging you that the settings must match. Somewhere along the lines someone also seems to have forgotten that in After Effects you can pan the camera without actually having a camera layer and the thing refuses to acknowledge that behavior by just using the default editor cam in the C4D file. Oh my… Well, really time to wait for CS8 before that becomes even remotely relevant for what I would want to do with it, I guess. Still, I should probably consider myself lucky not having experienced any breakdowns with my Adobe Application Manager. The forums are already full of them not 24 hours after the launch and I predict the next few days will bring a Tsunami of complaints…. What a nightmare.


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  1. glad you’re back to work…i couldn´t agree more about cineware and ae CS7 …this answers the question regarding Element… the line i traced some months ago regarding cs7 failure/succes was the option to import 3d geometry natively… not now , let’s wait for cs8 … cineware is the new ‘live photoshop 3d’ we all knew and hated since cs4… having said that , as cineware is a plugin, someone should crowd fund something like ‘blenderware’, and autodesk should put some money in ‘mayaware’ or ‘3dsmaxware’

    btw, thanks for raising the error code database…

  2. I experienced the same awful performance thing in my first run. Then I thought there must be a bug, it can’t be this bad and got the cuda fix working for AE CC. That completely changed it. Now it performs very similar to amount of time C4D would do it. Gotta get back to trying a few more things :).

  3. Thanks. I had my doubts if this will really work as described. Now I know.
    And as I OWN the right to use my Cinema license I don´t want to join something called “cloud”.
    So I´m not longer unhappy that I can´t have it.

  4. Glad to hear you’re back at work. Thanks for the quick CC update. Love reading your stuff, love the honesty. I’m sticking with CS6 for the time being.

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