The Day of the 17

I got up at 4 in the morning today because the pain in my abdomen and thorax once more prevented me from catching a few more hours of sleep and realized that today would actually be my 17th doctor appointment in those last 8 weeks. This means there were on average 2 per week and if I hadn’t cancelled two of my scheduled quarterly inspections even more. *yikes* The 17th of June also carries a certain historical significance here in Germany as a day of remembrance of a popular uprising known as the June worker revolt back in 1953. It’s the 60th anniversary, so everyone is a bit more all over it than usual. And of course how can we forget that today the new Creative Cloud versions for the Adobe products will be released. I’m sure that soon enough the forums will be full with that stuff and crappy Cineware tutorials pop up everywhere, but well, what can you do… That will be fun explaining people how to create a sphere in Cinema 4D. *lol*

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