Aww, Rats…!

Ah yes… There I was, taking my error code database offline without realizing how I quite literally shot myself in the foot with my forum work. So what did I do? Yepp, I put it back up. Quite exemplary of the love-hate relationship I have with that thing (and Adobe). On one hand it would be sad to let almost 10 years of work go to waste, on the other hand I don’t quite know how to keep it running. Too much work, too much money, not enough time and energy. That sort of thing, y’know. For now it’s back in business and perhaps I can figure out how to secure financing for it in the future. Since everybody seems to be surfing from mobile devices and the orange button may appear a bit tiny, let’s start by making it more prominent:

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Yoda says: “Hit the button you must!”

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