Errors don’t compute

…financially, that is. I went over my bank account extracts lately and realized that this thing is costing real money which I no longer have and so I’ve taken down the After Effects Error Code Database for good. It was never much more than a hobbyist obsession of mine and has now become too costly to maintain. With my health issues and the bad influence it has on my job situation I need to scrounge for every last penny and doing paid work is just more important at this point and I have to cut down on other activities. The bitter irony is that now of course the moaning and groaning will start over again on the After Effects mailing list and elsewhere, but to be blunt: If those hypocrites had hit that orange button as much as they make a fuss about the site’s demise, we wouldn’t be here – again, after an admittedly somewhat rushed shutdown back then in a similar critical situation and equally pointless comments from all sides. If you know some investor who’d spring the money or want to start a Kickstarter campaign, then for the right price it can be all yours/ resurrected, but otherwise you shouldn’t keep your hopes up that it will ever come back. I’m not giving it away for free…

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