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What’s wrong with Cineware

In the ongoing debate about After Effects and Cineware I think I had this one moment of perfect clarity in a thread on and finally could put my own confusion into words: In its current state it doesn’t help you to make better 3D, it’s just another method of compositing 2D render outputs with rather […]

Liten up!

Just a quicky today: A user on the Adobe forum asked how to actually use Cinema 4D Lite when you have a full version of Studio or Broadcast on the system. By default Cineware will use the “full” version if it detects it to open your C4D file for editing, but as the user pointed […]

New Version, new Errors

It’s some nasty thunderstorm outside as I’m writing this and since it’s been one of those terribly hot “looking good in undies” (and nothing else but undies) days, I didn’t feel like doing much else all afternoon, so I sat down and messed around with the Error Code Database. I have added the first three […]

Creative Awful

Just installed After Effects CC with Cineware here at work (yes, after 8 weeks sick I’m back at my office!) and what can I say? It’s in every aspect as awful as I thought it would be. The performance simply sucks even with the simplest extruded text and then it keeps bugging you that the settings […]

The Day of the 17

I got up at 4 in the morning today because the pain in my abdomen and thorax once more prevented me from catching a few more hours of sleep and realized that today would actually be my 17th doctor appointment in those last 8 weeks. This means there were on average 2 per week and […]

Aww, Rats…!

Ah yes… There I was, taking my error code database offline without realizing how I quite literally shot myself in the foot with my forum work. So what did I do? Yepp, I put it back up. Quite exemplary of the love-hate relationship I have with that thing (and Adobe). On one hand it would be […]

The Tube

It’s that time of the year again… It’s Apple‘s WWDC and aside from the usual updates to iOS and OSX, this time around of course the new Mac Pros are everyone’s favorite topic, so let’s have a little fun dissecting it as well. On the After Effects mailing list I jokingly recommended calling it SLUF because, […]